Chainge Creates Capital

Chainge Capital builds speed-to-market analytics for the retail supply chain. Our solution – Lead Time Optimization (LTO)™-- infuses merchandise decisions with options for global speed and flexibility. The result is unparalleled profit opportunity derived from reduced markdowns, stockouts and unwanted inventory. We believe:

  • The era of lowest cost sourcing is over.
  • For short-life-cycle or fashion industries, the concept of supply flexibility, also known as postponement or “fast fashion,” has high potential for significant increases in both profits and market capitalization for brands and retailers.*
  • The competitive imperative for global retailers and brands is the emerging Social Supply Chain: Technology + Shared Value + Social Impact.

Chainge Capital’s critical path to create and sustain financial value is Consulting (process mapping), Analytics (decision support) and Cloud Services (enterprise scale). LTO is the process + IT engine for speed-to-market or fast fashion benefits, based on earnings and market capitalization. Our client’s view is, “Asian inflation isn’t going to stop and the ‘China is cheap’ model is broken. Speed-to-market with LTO is our answer.”

If you are curious about client results, or just curious, send us an email at:

*Complete industry analysis published in, “Fast Fashion: Quantifying the Benefits,” W.H. Hausman, Stanford University, and John S. Thorbeck, Chainge Capital, Innovative Quick Response Programs in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, T.C. Edwin Cheng and T.-M. Choi (eds.), ©Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2010 (org holding page)